I’m back (to my basic instinct)

Only I know a little about life. I walked without people, with people, with love, without love… But I forgot hope. My hope was murdered. But now is time to change to find my old hope and to rebirth.

Sorry but I’m back!

I remember: He was a fluid speaker of this language

Things of beauty, entwine words with strange meaning

A sorrow, trying to say hello on spooky shades

A glance of the past life writing in my mother tongue

This is not mine, is yours…

This is my life without you, with you and with me

Speaking different languagues, tongues of different tone

Every path, every sin, every mouth, and every shelter

-Dyed with red, honey that drains of peach-

[You friend, my darling and my hate next door]

We are a strangers (but we talk at same time)

Your path away of me, my way far from you

We love us then we hate us

When I talk with my tongue, when you talk with your voice



Yo, me…


~ por robbielisheba en octubre 20, 2008.


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